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Nurture your ATS full of neglected candidates and start creating your own, engaged pool of talent today

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In my mind, Herefish has found the right mixture of emails, employer branding, marketing and nurturing that the industry has been missing for a long time.

Jackye Clayton,

Create A Sustainable Talent Pool… Automatically

You spend your time, money and energy sourcing candidates, why let them go to waste?



Herefish constantly pulls forgotten candidates from your ATS to keep your talent pipeline full



Candidates are dynamically segmented and automatically nurtured, reducing ATS waste and promoting your employer brand.


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Your candidates are nurtured with content, aware of your brand and more likely to apply and become hires. Neat.

I believe Herefish is on the cusp of the next wave of talent and employment focused solutions. The changing nature of how we attract and hire talent requires leaders to prioritize how we deliver value to our talent communities well before we start the acquisition process.

Joel Caparella, Leading Matters

With Herefish

  • Engaged talent pool
  • Candidates who know you and love you
  • Candidates referring candidates
  • A valuable talent pool with hot leads already identified
  • Conversations with active and passive candidates who know you
  • Where candidates go when they are ready to make a career move
  • Happy candidates, stronger employment brand and faster hires
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Without Herefish

  • Neglected Database
  • People who don't know you and don't care
  • Neglected database not providing referrals
  • A database filled with names and resumes
  • Only active candidates, who are talking to all of your competitors
  • Where candidates go when you've paid for a job post

Create a Database of Warm Leads and Make Faster Hires

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