What can automation do for you? We've compiled use cases from our customers along with some perennial favorites to help your firm understand how automation can transform your staffing business.

Data Hygiene

Use Herefish automations to update, maintain, and populate data in your CRM and ATS for top-notch data hygiene and usability.

CCPA Compliance

Ensure California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) compliance with Herefish by automating the key communication and tracking requirements of CCPA, making it easy to execute your data protection strategy. Learn how here.

GDPR Compliance

Herefish helps staffing firms in the European Union ensure GDPR compliance by automating the key communication and tracking requirements of GDPR, making it easy to execute your data protection strategy. Learn how here.

Update Candidate Resume

Use Herefish automations to gather and load updated candidate information (including resumes) directly into your ATS.

Contractor Care

The contractor care workflow is a simple way to stay in touch and drive additional revenue from contractors on assignment.

Client Sales Leads

A new client lead should be nurtured until they become a customer or give you a solid no. Automate the sales process and focus on ready-to-buy prospects.

Engage Passive Candidates

A simple passive candidate workflow can immediately establish your employment brand in the eyes of candidates and improve engagement from the start.

Top Talent Engagement

Having a solid top talent workflow will ensure your A++ candidates never feel 'forgotten' and remain engaged. Learn how Herefish can help.

Candidate Re-engagement

Learn how a candidate engagement workflow built in Herefish can lead to 76% more placed candidates from your existing ATS data.

New Applicant Follow-up

New applicant follow-up is an easy way to start candidate relationships off on the right foot. Herefish can stay high-touch automatically on your behalf.

Redeploy Contract Employees

How can you redeploy contract employees and keep the relationship high during and after an assignment? Let us show you how.

Post Hire Survey

Automated post hire surveys help improve your client experience and engagement as well as create an opportunity to earn more business.

DaXtra Powered Job Alerts

Send hyper targeted job alerts to candidates in your CRM using the power of Herefish automations and DaXtra. Learn how here!

Candidate Submittal Notification

Automate notifications to candidates to confirm submittal status and pay rate when they have been submitted to a client for a job. Learn how here!

Follow-up with Client Website Leads

Engage client sales leads who visit your website with automated follow-up and nurturing email campaigns using Herefish.

Client Score

Quickly build automations based on your client or prospect's Herefish score including notifications, followup emails, and more.

Automate Cold Call Follow-up

How to trigger an automated follow-up email after a cold call using Herefish and your CRM.

Update Client Status

Use action and date triggers to automatically update a client contact's status as well as create notifications, tasks, and more with Herefish automations.

Re-Engage Lapsed Client Leads

Don't lose track of leads - Use Herefish to create automated alerts and actions to re-engage client leads that have lapsed and need followup.

Staffing Referrals

Grow your talent pool using Herefish automations and the Staffing Referrals app to automatically send referral request emails to recently placed candidates.

Interview Confirmation

How to automatically send interview messages to candidates including email and text confirmation, interview details, and even interview tips.

Post Interview Survey

Herefish automations make it easy to follow-up with candidates post interview and gather valuable feedback with these quick surveys. Find out how here.

Interview Rejection Follow-up

Keep rejected candidates engaged with automated post interview follow-up and nurturing messages with career tips and job notifications using Herefish.

Application Confirmation Email

Use Herefish to trigger automated application confirmation email (and text) messages to candidates who apply to your job postings. Get started now.

Client Marketing

Use Herefish to create customized marketing campaigns to client prospects promoting targeted content and blog articles.

Actions Triggered by Candidate Activity

Keep candidates engaged with automated actions, notifications, and followup messages triggered by the candidate's activity on emails and website.

Onboarding New Hires

Improve the onboarding experience for new contract employes while driving engagement with timely and automated post-placement follow-up messages.