Post Interview Survey

Herefish automations make it easy to follow-up with candidates post interview and gather valuable feedback with these surveys

Why is this helpful?

Post interview surveys are a great way to gather feedback from candidates that you can use to update or improve your recruitment processes as well as keep the candidate engaged and head off any issues or concerns.  Additionally, you can piggy back off of positive survey responses with requests for referrals or testimonials for your firm.

Surveys do best when they are short and simple.  You can always build out your data through a series of quick surveys or polls that hit the candidate's inbox at just the right time.

  • Gather feedback to improve recruitment processes
  • Keep candidates engaged and catch issues before they become deal breakers
Deeper dive

Setting up the workflow for the post interview survey can be as simple as an email triggered by an interview date.

  1. Create a list in Herefish that looks for candidates when submission status becomes "Interview Scheduled".

List segmentation screenshot for interview scheduled


  1. Once someone matches the above criteria, Herefish can trigger an email to the candidate with a post interview survey request.

I hope your interview went well today - I can't wait to hear about it on our call later this week. (PS - Let’s schedule that now)

In the meantime, could you please fill out this 2-minute survey regarding your experience with %SUBMISSIONCOMPANYNAME%?

Survey Link

Thank you!


Bonus points

  • Send a text followup if survey is not completed after 2 days
  • If survey results are negative, schedule an immediate followup call task for the recruiter
  • If survey results are positive, schedule a referral or testimonial request email to go to the candidate 1 week later
  • Send a notification to the recruiter when a survey is completed
  • Adjust the candidate's score or status based on survey answers
  • Add note to candidate record when a survey is completed
Final Thoughts

This workflow should impact your outcomes from both a candidate engagement standpoint as well as an overall process improvement standpoint.  Getting actionable feedback at this critical time in the candidate placement cycle will allow you to decrease interview fall-off as well.

Key metrics

  • Post interview fall-off (reduction)
  • Survey response rate
  • Positive response vs negative response
  • Placement revenue

From making sure that your candidates are receiving and completing the survey, to tracking how the survey impacts candidate experience (fall-off reduction) and placement outcomes, you will need to make sure you carefully tracking these key metrics and overall campaign analytics.  Let Herefish automations make it easy for you.

This automation uses:

Workflow Builder

Date-based Trigger

Send Email

Send Text

Send Survey

Send Notification

Add Task

Add Note

Update Candidate

Skill Level: Intermediate

Time: 15 minutes

Useful for: People looking for a better way to engage with candidates during the interview process.

Results: Creates a better candidate experience and reduces interview fall-off.

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