Grow Your Talent Pool with Staffing Referrals and Herefish

Using Herefish automations and the Staffing Referrals app, you can quickly add candidates to your database through automated referral requests sent directly to recently placed candidates.

Why is this helpful?

Referrals from happily placed candidates is one of the most cost and time effective methods of adding fresh and interested prospects to your talent pool.

We make this process super easy by combining the power of Herefish automation and emailing capabilities with Staffing Referrals' powerful referral tracking app.  All of which is tracked directly back into your ATS and CRM.  From the time your email goes out, the referral process is tracked through Staffing Referrals so you never miss a submission or have to manually enter the referral data.

  • Grow your talent pool through easy and effective candidate referrals
  • Automate the referral and tracking process
Deeper dive

  1. Create a list in Herefish that looks for contractors with who have been placed on assignment. In our example we're spotting contractors with a placement status of approved.  You can add additional filters as needed, for example placement employment or type.

List segmentation screenshot for placement status


  1. Three days after their placement date, send the contractor an email with a referral request powered by Staffing Referrals - You can offer referral bonuses or other various incentives to the candidate to encourage them to complete the form.

I hope you are enjoying your first couple of days at %PLACEMENTCOMPANYNAME%!

I'm reaching out to see if you know any other %JOBTITLE% or %INDUSTRY% contractors that are in the job market?  For each candidate your refer, I can offer you a referral bonus of $[AMOUNT] (if the candidate is placed).

You can just click here [ADD LINK TO FORM] to submit any friends or colleagues who may be interested in working with us.

With that, I hope the rest of your week goes great, and I'll be touching base again with you in a couple weeks.

Talk soon!


Bonus points

  • Send text reminder to placed candidate 3 days after email, if email not opened
  • Send notification to recruiter when referral email opened, but no referral submitted
  • Set task for recruiter to followup on all referrals submitted
  • Add note to candidate record when referral submitted
  • Increase candidate score when referral submitted
Final Thoughts

Referrals (and referral bonuses) are a no-brainer way to add qualified candidates to your database while keeping your current contracts engaged and entangled. Using Staffing Referrals makes it that much easier through seamless tracking and integration.

Key metrics

  • New candidates added to database from referrals
  • Referrals placed
  • Revenue from referrals

This automation uses:

Workflow Builder

Date-based Trigger

Send Email

Send Text

Send Notification

Add Task

Add Note

Update Candidate

Skill Level: Intermediate

Time: 30 minutes

Useful for: Firms who would like to increase their active talent pool using referrals from candidates.

Results: Increases candidate leads in your database as well as creates a better network experience for candidates.

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