Automatically Update Client Status

Use action and date triggers to automatically update a client record's status as well as send notifications, tasks, and more

Why is this helpful?

Keep your database fresh and your followup fresher with automations built to make everyone's life easier.  The status field is an often underutilized segmentation opportunity, and using automation to accurately populate a client contact's status will help with your targeting as well as help facilitate timely followup.

  • Keep client records updated for better targeting
  • Enable timely (automated) followup when a status is updated
Deeper dive

  1. Define your automation(s) with which triggers you want to impact a client's status.

Potential triggers:

  • Note left on client contact record (within set time period)
  • Client contact visits website or specific web page
  • Client contact engages with an email from contact owner
  • Contact owner changed
  • Contact record creation date
  • Meeting or opportunity date set
  1. Add the action to update status to your workflow.  You can also add additional actions to take place based on the client lead's new status, such as.

Possible actions:

  • Trigger status-specific followup email
  • Launch followup text message
  • Send notification to contact owner
  • Create followup task for contact owner
  • Send client survey relevant to new status
  1. Add a followup email to the workflow for certain status updates.

Thank you for your interest in [ADD YOUR COMPANY NAME].  I'll be your main point of contact and can't wait to learn more about your company. 

If you'd like you can book a time on my calendar or let me know a good time for you. 

In the meantime, if you have any questions whatsoever, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Thank you!
Final Thoughts

Updating the client status field allows for better targeted outreach and nurturing.  Utilize these metrics to track how automatically updating the status field is improving your sales outcomes.

Key metrics

  • Open rate
  • Engagement score
  • Conversion ratio
  • Contract revenue

Use these metrics to compare client contacts with status updates vs those without and you will quickly see the value in this automation, not to mention the time it will save your sales team by cutting out tedious (though important) tasks.

This automation uses:

Workflow Builder

Date-based Trigger

Send Email

Send Text

Send Survey

Send Notification

Add Task

Add Note

Skill Level: Intermediate

Time: 15 minutes

Useful for: People looking to better target and followup with client contacts.

Results: Increase client engagement and improve database usability.

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