There are various goals associated with regularly engaging your contacts, one of the most important goals is to regularly add value to your candidates throughout their career lifecycle. Many times this can be through career advice, industry news, training opportunities or fun information that your audience is interested in. That is perfect in theory, but sometimes that is easier said than done. This is why Herefish provides our customers with a content library so you don’t have to do it all on your own. However, even Herefish customers find that they’d like to create and distribute content that is more specific to your industry or your candidate’s specializations.

Hopefully you can offer some great advice but if you want to regularly engage with your candidate pool, sometimes you won’t quite have enough to say about a topic. However, you probably know some places to find it or people who do! This is a great time to “curate content” content which allows you to leverage other’s expertise in order to provide value to your candidates or clients without actually being the expert.

Curated content can look like a blog post with a few articles related to a topic, sharing someone else’s contnet on social or a guide with all the best places to get more information. Content curation and its relationship to content marketing is a huge topic on its own, much can be covered here. Instead, we’ve curated some of the best sources below, just like you can do for any topic your candidates or clients might be interested in.

Curated content on curating content:

How to Curate Content: The Secret Sauce to Getting Noticed, Becoming an Influencer, and Having Fun

Wow, that’s a long title… Not only is the title long, this article has enough info that it is also  available as an eBook. It outlines everything you need into 6 different sections, each with examples, visuals and tips to make sure the point is clear. You’ll come away with very specific steps and free tools to use to make this process as easy as possible.



How To Curate Content Like A Pro: 8 Lessons (Examples Included)

This article outlines some great ways to curate content and good definitions about what it is and why it works. It also has examples of each “lesson,” so you can see it in practice, certainly more helpful than just reading about it.

How To Curate Content, The Proper Way 

Here you’ll find more compelling reasons why content curation is a solution to solving your content marketing content woes. It also covers concrete ways to implement your strategy and other important points that will help to ensure your content drives action as well as being interesting. The image below is a good overview of why it is such a good way to build content.


Content Curation Tools: The Ultimate List

This article is written by a software/solutions provider focused on content. As the title reads, it is primarily focused on all the different tools needed for content curation. For staffing, much of this may be overkill, unless you’ve got a dedicated resource with dedicated time spent on creating content, however some of the tools will also help the casual content writer put together a piece or two.



So as you can see, curating content is a great solution and after you learn the basics about what you are trying to accomplish and the right ways to do it you can move through an article pretty quickly. In our case, this post probably took about 30-45 minutes to research, write/edit and, we think, it adds quite a bit of value to our reader, much more than if we were to try to build it all from scratch.