Emails have been on my mind lately, specifically the layout. Personally I’ve tested dozens and dozens and dozens of layouts along w/ subject lines and creative and still find one thing to ring true regardless of the offer – keep it focused. For candidate nurturing, recruiting emails are especially important to keep focused since these candidates may not have heard from you in years.


It’s in our nature to confuse things and regurgitate all we know onto our prospects and customers, but this doesn’t help our collective CTR’s. Your recruiting email copy and creative should provide an easy, scannable layout that prompts the desired action.

With candidate nurturing, we want people to read articles, but we REALLY want them to look at jobs. Even if you aren’t to the point where you have a strategic pragmatic approach to nurturing your candidates and just send out occasional newsletters or other mass mailings, you still want to drive to a specific goal.

Dig in and really figure out what you are trying to achieve, even if it is “keep candidates up to date with what we offer,” it probably is ultimately hiring the people you are emailing. Keep the focus on getting people to click on the email, hopefully a job, but even if it is an article, you now have them to your site where you can then convert them to your jobs section.


If you are getting people to your site, make sure you keep that focus going through to your site and reduce the thinking involved for the candidate. Keep your action words, colors and design consistent from email open to application submission. Again, since we are engaging candidates who you haven’t talked to in a long time it is especially important that your brand and message remains consistent.

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