Industrial Staffing

Herefish helps industrial staffing firms keep up with the last-minute, high-volume demands of skilled and unskilled labor. Automate a fast-paced workflow and drive more placements.


Alert your active candidates to open positions, send a text message on the first day for a travel nurse or send an email requesting updated credentials.

High Volume

Have 100-1000 contractors or employees in the field? Stay in-touch with them all automatically with Herefish.

On Demand

Send text or email automatically in near real-time based on triggers like dates, activity or field changes.

Put your skilled and unskilled
labor to work (again & again...)

Industrial sector staffing firms place the backbone of the services most Americans rely upon everyday. Manufacturing, factory work, logistics and distribution, shipping and receiving, materials handling, hospitality, retail, transportation, and more all keep the wheels turning.

Industrial staffing firms often meet last-minute demands of their customers, meaning manual processes and repetitive work that can largely be automated with a tool like Herefish.

With direct integration into your ATS, Herefish helps automate personalization at scale, communicate with candidates and drive better engagement with your workforce.

Automate the small stuff and put the world to work with Herefish.

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