Automate busywork throughout the recruiting cycle

From candidate re-engagement to redeploying contractors, Herefish makes it easy to automatically send email and text to candidates to improve the candidate experience pre and post-hire.

Turn your ATS into a candidate engagement machine

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Herefish is different because they understand the unique needs of the recruiting and staffing industry. There are no work arounds needed. This product is made just for us.

Brian Cunningham
Managing Director @ Allen Recruitment

Trusted by top staffing companies worldwide

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Everything you need to improve pre and post-hire engagement with candidates and sales contacts. Improve ROI, personalize at scale and drive more revenue from your ATS.

Some of the things you can do with Herefish include...

  • Automatically send email or text during the onboarding or deployment cycle
  • Re-engage with neglected candidates in your ATS
  • Send message sequences when candidates apply
  • Notify recruiters and salespeople of valuable interactions like job apply or form submit
  • Improve ATS placements by 76%

... All in one system that's fully integrated with your ATS

I have never been as excited about a product as I am yours. Every time I log in, I get more excited about what this is going to do for us. Everyone there has been a delight to work with and we can’t wait to act as a reference for you.

Len Adams
Founder & CEO @ ACG Resources

What's Herefish?



A safety net for recruiters

Herefish helps recruiters stay on top of tasks like sending emails, text messages, updating candidate fields, sending surveys and a more. Stop missing connections with candidates and contractors and let Herefish handle all of the busywork. 


Helps salespeople be professionally persistent

Use Herefish to stay in front of prospective clients or just keep in touch with existing ones. Continually engage using timed email sequences, call tasks, notes or web page notifications and put your personal outreach on cruise control.



Helps marketers create better client & candidate experiences

Herefish is a recruitment marketer's best friend and makes sure the right contact gets the right message at the right time. Create segments, track activity and reinforce your brand's message using the Herefish platform.