Herefish Releases New Version to Simplify Candidate Engagement for the Staffing Industry

The latest release features pre-built workflows, deeper ATS integration and API access to make the recruitment marketing process easier for professional staffing firms.
Tuesday, January 16th, 2018

Herefish, a provider of recruitment marketing software for the staffing industry, today announced the release of their latest version. The newest edition enables recruiting and staffing firms to create, track and measure candidate engagement activities; ultimately driving more placements from an existing talent pool.

“We approached our new version as a completely new app that’s purpose-built for solving the candidate engagement problems for the staffing industry,” says CEO and Co-Founder of Herefish, Jason Heilman. “What we’ve built is a deeply integrated marketing solution with best practices built-in. Overall this helps staffing companies automatically engage with candidates, build better candidate relationships and solve the problem of driving more placements from existing ATS data.”

The latest release allows users to select pre-built engagement workflows which are based on data from thousands of candidate engagements. These workflows automate communication via email or text message, present relevant jobs to candidates, track website activity and more. All of these activities can trigger other actions like adding tasks to the ATS, sending notifications to record owners or start other automations like updating field values.

Herefish’s integration capabilities have also been expanded into other platforms like eRecruit, Salesforce-based ATS’ and Zapier. Plus, API access enables staffing firms to leverage existing tools and systems with the Herefish platform.

“Our goal was to build and design software that was easy to pick up and start using” says CMO and Co-Founder of Herefish, Travis Arnold. “Marketing isn’t always a first language for staffing firms so incorporating pre-built campaigns, simplifying complex workflows and designing for clarity were major goals.”

The new version of Herefish is now available for all existing and future customers. To learn more about Herefish, visit or contact sales(at)herefish(dot)com.

About Herefish
Herefish gives recruiting and staffing firms the tools to automate, measure and consistently engage with contacts and candidates in their database, leading to better hires and better relationships. Started by recruiting software veterans, Herefish serves as a technology and strategic partner to medium and enterprise staffing firms; helping increase ROI and complement other recruiting marketing efforts. To learn more, visit or follow @herefish on Twitter.