Herefish pricing

Monthly Annual Save 10%


$ 1,099 999 / mo.
10,000 Contacts
Unlimited Emails and Users
ATS Integration
Advanced Job Personalization
Concierge Onboarding

Additional Contacts

$99/mo. per 5,000


$ 1,649 1,499 / mo.
25,000 Contacts
Everything in Growing Plus:
ATS Placement Data
Department/Branch Logic
Text Messaging

Additional Contacts

$99/mo. per 10,000

Market Leader

$ 1,999 1,799 / mo.
50,000 Contacts
Everything in Professional Plus:
More Contacts
More Custom Options
More Integrations

Additional Contacts

$199/mo. per 25,000

Commonly asked questions

How are contacts counted?

We only count the contacts in Herefish who you've engaged in the last 90 days. For example, your ATS may have 100,000 records, but you only want to engage with 25,000. You'd only be charged for the 25,000 contacts.

What if I go over my contact count?

We'll let you know via email that you're over your limit and schedule a call to discuss your current messaging needs. Our goal is to help you find the package that's a best fit for you.

Is there a limit on the number of emails we send?

No. The only limit that we have is the number of active contacts in Herefish. For example, you could send a weekly job seeker email and not worry about going over your limit.

Is pricing per company?

Yes, our pricing is for your entire company. 

What if I need support?

We pride ourselves on delivering over-the-top marketing and technical support to our customers. Our team understands the recruiting process and you can expect quick responses and knowledgable insights.

We have multiple offices, can we segment?

Yes. Our enterprise package has dynamic branch and division logic. Basically, this allows you to manage all of your offices using a single campaign, while ensuring the sender, notifications and job openings are set properly.  

Do you have a business case I can share with my team?

As a matter of fact we do.  The Business Case for Candidate Engagement. It's a free download that helps outline how a proper candidate interaction can lead to better relationships and greater ROI.