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Staffing is undergoing a change and automation is leading the way.

Automation is starting to revolutionize the staffing industry...

And like most revolutions today, it’s in the hands of robots. Sort of.

In this e-book, we’ll go over everything that you need to know about automation in the staffing industry — including how automation got to this point and what the future of automation looks like. Below is a quick overview of what we'll be covering in this free ebook.

Robots aren’t new, but they are better. From Homer’s automatons in The Iliad to the ATMs you’ll find on every city street corner, automation isn’t science fiction. If you’re ready to ditch cold calls, Rolodexes, and time-wasting onboarding processes, staffing automation has evolved into the perfect solution.

Early adopters are seeing big rewards. Do better curated leads sound like a win to you? How about faster onboarding and more engaged candidates? Early adopters of automation are already seeing all of this — and much more. In fact, some automation advocates see a 25% to 30% reduction in no call no shows for jobs and interviews.

Process automation? Yes please. Some of the biggest benefits of staffing automation are happening on the backend. By outsourcing rote and manual tasks to the robots, firms free up more time to focus on the things that drive revenue and help their business grow. Get an average of 20% of full-time equivalent capacity just from handing off your busy work to an automated platform.

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What is staffing automation?

Staffing automation is a new product category that enables recruiting and staffing firms to create repeatable processes. These processes are automated using software and improve the candidate and client experience throughout the recruiting cycle.

From automatically sending messages to updating internal fields to evaluating the post-hire experience, staffing automation handles it all. Together, this leads to less time spent on non-productive work and more time devoted to driving growth and building better relationships.

Can I use automation in my staffing business today?

Yes! Many staffing firms have already adopted some form of automation in their day-to-day businesses. Some ATS' offer lightweight process automation and there are other products that pinpoint specific parts of the process. Some of these focus on the onboarding experience or the post-hire experience.

A platform like Herefish enables firms to build workflows throughout the entire recruiting process and helps communication-based processes (sending email, text or surveys) and internal processes (updating fields, writing notes to the ATS, adding tasks etc...)

Who benefits from automation?

From leadership to people on the front line, automation benefits many people throughout the staffing organization.

First, leadership like CIO, COO, CEO and directors of recruiting/sales can leverage automation to ensure top-line activities like processes are adhered to regardless of scale. For example, a company that grows from 10 to 100 recruiters usually has some breakdown of process. With automation technology those processes don't get forgotten and scale along with the company to ensure a great experience for the candidate and client, but also a smooth internal experience.

Second, the front-line personnel (recruiters and salespeople) benefit from all of the normal, repetitive work that takes away time from their day gets completed by the staffing automation platform. For example, before every interview a text message automatically gets delivered to the candidate or after every interview an interview performance survey gets delivered to the hiring manager. In this example, two key things that would be manual (or wouldn't happen at all) occur each and every time. In short, the little things that happen throughout the recruiting process are taken care of by robots which leaves more time per day per recruiter. On average, Herefish customers save 2.55 hours per day per recruiter and salesperson!

How can I learn more about automation?

That's easy. First, you can download our staffing automation ebook. We've broken out the past, present and future of automation in the staffing industry and give a big-picture view of what automation can handle. Second, we've got an impressive list of topics on our blog and other downloadable resources that cover many topics in the space. Lastly, you can read our customer stories to learn how staffing businesses like yours have leveraged automation in a variety of scenarios.

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