Automate email, text & daily tasks

From pre-hire to post-hire, Herefish offers a full automation solution for recruiting, sales & marketing. Automate the small things so you can focus on the big things.


Herefish is the first recruitment marketing platform built specifically for professional recruiting agencies to improve candidate engagement and drive more sales.

Everything you need for client and candidate engagement (and a lot more)

Automated Workflows

Set & forget. Easily create automated email, text and profile update workflows using our simple workflow builder or pre-built campaigns.

Email Marketing

Send personalized, branded email to candidates and contractors; easily incorporating jobs, surveys and more.

Text Messaging

Automatically send and receive text messages to contractors using triggers like start date, end date and more.

NPS Surveys

Collect insights into the contractor experience using automated NPS surveys. Or, create your own satisfaction survey using our simple survey tool.

Triggers & Actions

Use triggers like start date, end date or any profile field change to start or stop marketing campaigns to candidates.

A/B Testing

Test email messages on candidates and clients and uncover the best performing version using our A/B testing module.

Web Page & Job Tracking

Track your candidate's website activity and automatically add them to campaigns, send notifications or improve their score.

ATS Integration

Two-way integration with your ATS provides insight into candidates plus real-time notes, tasks and profile updates.


Uncover ROI with reporting in-context of campaigns, messaging and rolled-up using the Herefish dashboard.

Division & Owner Logic

Automatically assign candidates to their correct division and owner to improve personalization and the 1:1 experience.

Engagement Score

Herefish creates a score for each candidate so your team can work with the most engaged candidates with your brand.

Pre-Built Campaigns

Pre-built campaigns and emails make it easy for your marketing team to kick-off your company's candidate engagement program.


Connect directly to your ATS and more.

herefish integration

Direct integration with your ATS

Exporting email lists and managing spreadsheets are a thing of the past with Herefish.

Herefish syncs the following and more:

  • Submissions & placements
  • Divisions/Branches
  • ATS users
  • Saved searches/lists
  • Contacts
  • Notes and tasks
  • and more...

Plus, all candidate activity is viewable directly in the ATS meaning recruiters and salespeople have a full history of an individual candidate without leaving the ATS.

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