Candidate NPS, satisfaction surveys & more

Poll contractors, stay on top of issues and update key data

candidate nps survey

Collect feedback, update user data and stay engaged with contractors and candidates

NPS surveys

Automatically send Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys to candidates and contractors to capture feedback throughout the entire recruiting cycle.

NPS surveys are especially important during the contract lifecycle. By capturing regular feedback, you can gauge the likelihood of redeploying talent on assignment. 

  • Automate collection at key intervals
  • Send via text or email
  • Works directly on your website
  • Push NPS scores back to the ATS

Update candidate data

Allow your candidates to update their own records, interests and contact information and take the tedium of keeping records up-to-date off your plate.

  • Update candidate entered data in the ATS
  • Send via text or email
  • Completely automate the record updating process
update candidate records
candidate satisfaction

Build your own surveys from scratch

Create your own salary survey or capture on-boarding satisfaction feedback. With Herefish you can easily gather information from candidates, contractors or clients at key intervals in your process. 

  • Multiple question types: text, multiple choice, NPS
  • Fully automated and integrated to the ATS
  • Trigger automations or feedback based on user response
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