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mobile email

Email marketing

Create personalized, mobile-friendly email and put your brand's best foot forward. Add matching jobs, content and images in a snap and automate sending to your audiences.

  • Drag-n-drop HTML email builder
  • Simple plain-text email editor
  • Personalize with matching jobs or any record field
  • A/B testing
  • Send surveys with a click

Text messaging

Create automated text message campaigns and automate quick communications with interviewees, clients or contractors on assignment. Send, receive, done.

Text messages are a great way to engage with contractors throughout their assignment and have response rates as high as 98%. Learn more about when and when not to use text.

text messaging
content curation

Content curation

Pull content from your website or any RSS feed and drop it into your HTML emails for quick curation and message building.

Sending relevant content to your candidates and contract employees can deliver a 6x engagement rate. Learn more about sending valuable content to your audiences here.

Blueprints: pre-built automations for staffing scenarios

Use our pre-built email and automation templates to  hit the ground running with Herefish. We've included common workflows like candidate engagement, data hygiene and redeployment along with other helpful use-cases.

Data Hygiene

Browse Automations Data Hygiene Use Herefish automations to update, maintain, and populate data in your CRM and ATS for top-notch data hygiene and usability. Why […]

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CCPA Compliance

Browse Automations CCPA Compliance Use this workflow to automate the key communication and tracking requirements of California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), keeping your data protection strategy […]

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GDPR Compliance

Browse Automations GDPR Compliance Use this workflow to automate the key communication and tracking requirements of GDPR, allowing your team to remain focused on their […]

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Update Candidate Resume

Browse Automations Update Candidate Resume Use Herefish automations to gather and load updated candidate information (including resumes) directly into your ATS Why is this helpful? […]

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Contractor Care

Browse Automations Contractor Care Communicate with contractors on assignment to reduce churn and increase revenue Why is this helpful? Contractors on assignment often get thrown […]

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Client Sales Leads

Browse Automations Client Sales Leads Consistently engage with new sales leads and find new customers and job orders Why is this helpful? The client acquisition […]

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Internal notifications

Get notified by email or text whenever a key activity takes place like new applicant, new account or new placement.

Message library

Herefish comes pre-loaded with HTML and plain text email templates so you can engage with candidates faster.

Dynamic jobs

We pull jobs directly from your ATS and match with each candidate's profile, giving you a fast and easy way to dynamically insert jobs into any email.

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