Put Recruiting AI To Work

Combine the power of AI and machine learning with automation to create more relevant experiences and put an end to repetitive work.

ai in recruiting

Intelligent Matching

Find job matches for candidates driven by AI in seconds, with scoring to determine role fit to deliver the best candidates to your clients.

Targeted Engagement

Engage your talent pool with the most relevant opportunities and build long term relationships.

Unparalleled Productivity

Eliminate day-to-day matching activity and free up recruiter time to engage with candidates on more relevant job openings.



Deliver Intelligent Jobs

Using machine learning, we intelligently match candidates with current job openings from your ATS for use in any outbound communication or automation. This helps engage candidates with relevant jobs and build a better talent pool directly in your ATS.


Match & Message

Automatically match the best candidates to new jobs and immediately gauge interest. With match and message, you shorten your time to submission and deliver the most relevant candidates for your newly open jobs - especially from the VMS.

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