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Features and benefits for both sides of the desk

sales and recruitment

Drive sales and placements by automating repetitive tasks and focusing on the most engaged contacts in your database

Sales automation

Put your new and existing client relationships on autopilot. Easily create a workflow to automatically follow-up with sales prospects or touch base with existing customers to uncover any hiring pain points. With Herefish, you can automate daily tasks and focus on the most important business of the day.

  • Automate follow-up to sales contacts
  • Full activity tracking
  • Notifications for key contact actions like opens and clicks
  • Mobile-friendly email and text
sales intro
activity feed

Real-time activity feed

See a full-view of a contact's marketing activity within your ATS. With Herefish, you'll see which pages a contact has visited, emails they've interacted with and any application or content they've downloaded.

  • Full activity history
  • View within the ATS
  • Full picture of contact interactions

Engagement scoring

Use our engagement score to create shortlists of candidates or contacts. With Herefish, all activities (good and bad) impact a score to give you a quick idea of how engaged a contact is with your firm.

Dashboard view

Get a thousand foot view and a lot more using the Herefish dashboard. Quickly see placements, interactions, overall engagement and more from one screen.

recruiting metrics dashboard

Smarter features for faster placements and sales

Shortlist Contacts

Create lists of the most-engaged candidates using criteria like engagement score, profile status or recent behavior.

Automatic Workflows

Send messages or update a contact's profile automatically based on behavior, status changes or engagement.

Interaction Tracking

Track every contact interaction with your website, email or text messaging to better better understand their engagement or kick-off new workflows.

web page tracking
Track every webpage and job candidates view and trigger automations based on their behaviors
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