Candidate re-engagement

Re-introduce your brand to candidates that already live in your ATS

Below is a sample candidate re-engagement workflow built in Herefish. Typically, our customers see a 76% increase in placements from existing candidates when running this type of campaign.



Engaging with existing ATS candidates is the #1 thing a staffing agency can do to get the most mileage out of talent that's already been sourced, categorized and sometimes evaluated. Just because the candidate wasn't a fit for Job A, doesn't mean they won't be a fit for Job B. However, many companies let most of their ATS candidates go dormant and stagnate; you spent time, energy and money sourcing them, why not use them?

Why re-engagement is useful

  • Helps re-introduce a staffing agency brand to neglected candidates
  • Saves money on sourcing costs by using already sourced candidates
  • Improves chances of ATS becoming top source of hire
  • Automatic safety net if candidates fall through the cracks during the recruiting process

Key triggers & actions

The trigger to enter a re-engagement campaign is usually a combination of criteria around time. For example, triggering criteria could be the following:

  • candidate hasn't had a new note added in 6 months
  • their status is not DNR or placed
  • they have a valid email address

These triggers can then kick off a set of actions. In the case of re-engagement, usually email is the primary action used. See the diagram at left for an example. Once a candidate triggers the criteria, they will be sent an email every three weeks and their activity tracked.

Key metrics

Again, re-engagement is a rather basic workflow that helps warm up your forgotten ATS candidates. For reporting purposes, top-level metrics should be tracked. Those include:

  • Open rate
  • Click rate
  • Job view rate
  • Apply rate
  • Engagement score

You can use any of this information to trigger other automations like Job Seeker or Top Talent.

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