Contractor care

Communicate with contractors on assignment to reduce churn and increase revenue

Below is a sample contractor care workflow built in Herefish. As many as 15% of contractors leave part-way through an assignment. With Herefish, you can address potential problems and resolve contractor problems with steady communication.

contractor care workflow


Contractors on assignment often get thrown on 'consultant island' and are easy for busy firms to overlook. With Herefish, you can automate outreach to current contractors and protect revenue from walking away during or after an assignment ends.

Why contractor care is useful

  • Communicate with contractors during the assignment
  • Quickly identify problems like contractor dissent
  • Reduce mid-assignment fall-off
  • Forecast contract end dates more accurately

Key triggers & actions

The trigger to enter a contractor care workflow would typically be after a new hire based workflow. After new hires go through an initial campaign, they enter contractor care to maintain the relationship during the middle part of an assignment. How a contractor would enter this workflow:

  • They've completed a new hire workflow
  • They are a current contractor without any activity in 1 month

With these triggers, the actions we typically see deployed are email, but we also see follow-up tasks, notifications and text messaging used during an assignment.

  • Send email at 30/45/60/etc... days
  • Send text message 1/2 way through assignment
  • Add call task during the end to prep redeployment

Key metrics

Since we're really trying to nurture a current relationship, basic metrics around engagement are what we'd recommend watching. Those include

  • Open rate
  • Click rate
  • Engagement score


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