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Below is a sample redeployment workflow built in Herefish. As many as 70% of candidates are never redeployed.

redeployment workflow


Would you buy a car, drive it once then throw it away? Of course not, so why would you place a candidate only to forget about them (and the revenue)?  With 70% of contractors NOT redeployed, there is a ton of opportunity to get more mileage out of contractors you already have a relationship and more likely to place. It's overlooked, but a ripe area for opportunity.

Why redeployment is useful

  • Eliminates contractor churn and helps protect revenue
  • Personalized at scale - easy to send day-of notifications to contractors and engage throughout assignment
  • Build better relationships with candidates you've already placed
  • Improve contract end date accuracy for forecasting
  • Good for busy recruiters who want to have high-touch but don’t have time during the day

Key triggers & actions

The main trigger to enter a redeployment workflow is based on date: start date or end date. Both of these fields come directly from the ATS and can trigger workflows based on your business process.

By using date triggers, we can fire actions that extraordinarily useful at scale. For example:

  • Send email 45 days before contractor end date
  • Call candidate 30 days before contractor end date
  • Text candidate 3 months after start date

All of these actions have the purpose of building the relationship with a contractor so when their assignment is up, you have a better chance of redeploying them rather than them going to a competitor.

Key metrics

Redeploying talent you already have is an easy way to create revenue and create value for you candidates and customers. When rating redeployment success, it's good to look at two key metrics:

  • Redeployment rate
  • Redeployed revenue

Redeployment rate is pretty straightforward and is the percentage of contractors placed after their current assignment ends.

For revenue, all you need to do is calculate the revenue generated from redeployed contractors.

Final thoughts

Redeploying existing contractors is an easy way to capture more value from candidates. Typically contractors get placed and forgotten about, but with Herefish you can automate the redeployment process and put contractors back to work at their current assignment or at another within your firm.

The best news; Herefish has a redeployment workflow built right into the app, so all you have to do is enable it and start communicating with candidates on assignment. Learn more

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