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“Herefish has found the right mixture of emails, employer branding, marketing and nurturing that the industry has been missing for a long time.”
Jackye Clayton,


Stay Top of Mind With Candidates and Contacts

Herefish marketing automation helps staffing firms regularly engage with their candidates and contacts. All communication is personalized and based on interactions from your ATS. The next time you call, they’ll know who you are and how you can help.

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Be a Resource

Rather than just blasting jobs at candidates and sales pitches to leads, Herefish helps you become a resource. By providing you with valuable content, you are able to easily engage with your candidates and contacts throughout your relationship’s lifecycle.


Effortless Personalization

When your contacts interact with emails, your website, a recruiter or salesperson; automation kicks in and they start receiving messaging specific to the recent interaction.

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Unprecedented Insights

With Herefish, you’ll get a deep view into interactions with your resources, jobs, your website and email. Sales and recruiting see the details right on the contact’s profile in the ATS. Management can easily see all the most important metrics in one place.

What are Common Campaigns?



Top Candidates



New Applicants



Top Customers

Sales Follow Up 

Hot Leads

New Leads

With Herefish, you can automate engagement with any audience or manual communication. All communications can come directly from the assigned recruiter or sales rep. Plus, if anything changes (like a candidate being placed or a recent conversation) communications can be automatically paused or stopped altogether.

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Candidate Engagement Plan

Build your candidate engagement plan!

Whether you’ve got a team of marketers or simply starting out, our candidate engagement plan can provide tips and suggestions to help you create a more engaged pool of talent. Here are some key takeaways:

  • Learn the terminology behind engagement
  • How to set goals towards your new plan
  • The resources needed to run a successful engagement plan
  • How to measure success
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