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Herefish makes it easy for modern staffing firms to automate and communicate throughout the entire recruiting cycle!

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Herefish is different because they understand the unique needs of the recruiting and staffing industry. There are no work arounds needed. This product is made just for us.

Brian Cunningham
Managing Director @ Allen Recruitment

Automate recruiting busywork in a few clicks

Quickly automate key activities throughout your recruiting workflow. Easily create processes that fit your business and standardize interactions with candidates, contractors and sales contacts.

Our visual workflow builder makes it easy to create automated business processes in a flash. Learn more.

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Personalized outreach via email and text

The right message at the right time can pay dividends in the fast-paced world of recruiting and staffing. Automatically engage via email or text and put your outreach on autopilot.

Create branded emails with a few clicks or an automated text for each interviewee. It's up to you. Learn more.


I say this all the time, but the Herefish team is so great to work with. We all really appreciate the level of support they provide. Their team takes a consultative approach to problem-solving to really help you learn how to utilize their platform to best solution your particular needs or process.

Elizabeth Black
Marketing Manager @ Personify

Collect continuous feedback

Surveys are great tools for collecting feedback like NPS scores, post-interview rankings and more. But did you know, Herefish surveys can be used for pre-qualifying candidates or appending data? Well, you do now.

Our surveys are easy to create and deploy via email or text and can be used for feedback, NPS or anything else you can dream up. Learn more.

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Intelligent insights

Get a deeper view of your candidate, client and contractor activity throughout the recruiting cycle. View a contact's complete history directly in the ATS and understand how they're interacting with your messaging and automation.

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Herefish is a Swiss army knife for recruitment communications and provides the missing 'marketing' link for our ATS

Will Sawney
Digital Brand Manager @ The Conexus Group


Integrated and ready for work

Herefish was built for staffing and integrates with top applicant tracking systems. Automate tasks for old and incoming data alike and never miss a beat.

We integrate with top ATS' and even other apps your firm may use. Learn more.

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