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“Herefish has found the right mixture of emails, employer branding, marketing and nurturing that the industry has been missing for a long time.”
Jackye Clayton,


Stay Top of Mind With Candidates

Your current ATS is full of potentially great, but forgotten, candidates. Herefish marketing automation takes these candidates and consistently nurtures them via email on your behalf, so next time you call they’ll know who you are.

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Be a Candidate Resource

Rather than just blasting jobs at candidates, Herefish helps you become a resource to potential hires by sending helpful, career-related content. Once a candidate starts showing job seeking behavior, automation kicks in and they start receiving more frequent communication and relevant jobs.


Unprecedented Candidate Insights

With Herefish, you’ll get a deep view into how candidates view your jobs, website and email. This activity is all tracked into your recruiting software and is calculated into our Herefish score. What’s that mean? Basically you can see how engaged a candidate is at a glance.

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Build An Exciting Employment Brand!

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Build An Exciting Employment Brand!

An employment brand is something unique to the recruitment industry. It’s a reputation that’s built less around the outcome of a job search, and more around the process.

In our ebook you’ll learn: what an employment brand is, reasons to invest, how to build a unique brand and how to communicate your unique value.

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