Client Score Automations

Use clients' Herefish score to better target (and nurture) leads with automated notifications, emails, and more

Why is this helpful?

Better target and customize your follow-up messages to client contacts by segmenting by score. Whether a lead is super cold or on fire, you can design a workflow that meets their unique needs and stage of the buying cycle.  Additionally, you can customize each workflow to keep your contact owner's engaged with leads by creating automatic notifications, adding tasks, and creating notes on the contact record itself.

  • Create score-based nurturing campaigns
  • Automate notifications and tasks for contact owners based on score
Deeper dive

  1. Decide how you want to segment or group by Herefish score, and create the lists.  In our example below, we group into 4 segments.
  • 0 to 50 is cold
  • 51 to 70 is luke warm
  • 71-85 is convert-able
  • 86-100 is on fire

List segmentation screenshot client score


  1. Create a workflow for each score segmentation. This can include a variety of actions.
  • Send a notification to contact's owner
  • Send email to contact
  • Add a followup task for contact's owner
  • Send a text message to contact
  • Add a note to the contact's record

workflow screenshot for client score engagement


  1. Write and customize the follow-up emails for each score segment.

At [YOUR COMPANY NAME], we’re confident that we can outperform your current staffing provider. Would you be open to working together on a trial basis, with no obligation, if we were to offer you [discount/freebies/perks]?

Let's talk soon - In fact you can schedule a call with me here to get the ball rolling.

Final Thoughts

This workflow creates an easy and automated way to nurture client leads based on their level of engagement and place in the sales cycle, otherwise known as their Herefish score.  Track each segments engagement and conversion to determine the success of each campaign and potentially tweak your approach, if needed.

Key metrics

  • Open rate
  • Engagement score
  • Conversion ratio
  • Overall average score movement (should go up!)

Nurturing leads with relevant, timely, and customized content is now critical to any sales and marketing strategy.  We make it easy and with score segmentation and automations.

This automation uses:

Workflow Builder

Send Email

Send Text

Send Notification

Add Task

Add Note

Skill Level: Intermediate

Time: 30 minutes

Useful for: Sales leaders who want to better nurture client leads.

Results: More effective nurturing and engagement of prospects based on Herefish score.

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