Coronavirus Toolkit

Covid-19, more commonly known as the coronavirus, is making its way across the globe and impacting the lives of people everywhere.

We've put together this toolkit to help our friends in the recruitment industry cope during this time of ever-changing certainty.

What steps can your business take during a pandemic?

While your own business may be experiences some turbulence, there is opportunity during a downturn.

First, you can use this time to solidify your relationships with candidates, clients, prospects and contract employees. This may be difficult working remote, but we've put together a post to help.

Second, automation is an advantage in a downturn just like it is in the growth period. Leveraging automation tools allows for processes, data quality and communication to stay on track while employees are out of the office. 

Third, now is the time to evaluate the people, processes and technology that are part of the business. Are you missing key roles in the company? are your internal processes adjusted to a modern workforce? does your tech stack accommodate today and future needs? All of these are questions to ask yourself.

Downturns are opportunities to outmaneuver rivals and make smart investments.


Below is a collection of templates, examples and content to spark ideas when confronting business challenges due to Covid-19


Email to clients

Hello %clientfirstname%,
As you are well aware, the world is under intense pressure from covid-19, aka the coronavirus.
We at %companyname% are monitoring the ever-changing landscape to provide the best support and service for you during these unprecedented times.
[Company President Signature]

Social Media Post

Even though our team has now shifted to 100% remote during this time, we want you to feel secure knowing we're still operating for our employees and partners.

Source: Blue Chip Talent, LinkedIn

Message from Leadership

To the healthcare community, 

Thank you for continuing to exercise your best judgment in your practice of medicine in this current environment. Our clinicians have experienced overwhelming conditions before, and thankfully, we have trudged through those hard times. 

We will make our way through this exceptionally difficult crisis if we all continue to move forward, sharing our experiences and advice. To paraphrase some ancient wisdom: the longest journey continues on the best course with each right step. 

Thank you to every clinician across the US for taking those right steps and making the right decisions for patients, their families, and communities.

Source: SCP Health, LinkedIn

Recruitment email template


With the current state of healthcare and the sudden influx of patients due to COVID-19, the need for [JOB CATEGORY] like you is a bit unprecedented.

Recently, I've gotten several urgent needs from clients in [LOCATION 1] and [LOCATION 2], and I think your background makes you a great candidate for these openings.

Below, I've listed a few of these most urgent needs - If you are interested and available for any of these, please let me know right away.


You can also browse our career portal here [ADD LINK TO YOUR JOBS WEBSITE].

Let me know if you are interested or go ahead and schedule a time for us to chat here [ADD CALENDAR LINK].

Talk to you soon,


Source: Cross Country Allied, LinkedIn

Email to clients and candidates

Hello %clientfirstname%,
Myself and our entire team here at [YOUR COMPANY NAME] want to assure you that we are taking every precaution to maintain safety and service during this COVID-19 crisis.

Our offices around the country will remain open to serve the hospitals and healthcare facilities as well as the clinicians we place. 

We are dedicated to providing the highest level of service and safety to our clients and candidates, and we will continue to offer staffing and recruitment support. 

As a company, we have put into place protocol to limit the exposure of our employees, enabling them to work from home and conduct recruitment and sales activities remotely.  This is for the safety of our staff, our clients, candidates, and patients.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your account manager or myself.

We are here for you. We are here for the patients you serve.


Social Media Post

As information and recommendations about the COVID-19 continue to evolve, we want to emphasize our support of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other public health partners as the appropriate source of information and guidance for healthcare organizations and providers.

Source: Supplemental Health Care, LinkedIn

Email to all

To all of our clients, healthcare providers and corporate employees,

As the impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic continues to rapidly evolve, and because of our commitment to the health and safety of our corporate employees, we will be implementing a work-from-home policy beginning Tuesday, March 17, 2020. All staff members are equipped with laptop computers, required software and other necessary resources to continue business as usual on a fully remote basis until further notice.
We have kept our healthcare providers and clients regularly informed about our policies and procedures related to operating in this Covid-19 environment. We have also established a Coronavirus Crisis Hotline, staffed by our in-house clinicians, to answer any additional questions they may have. 
Clients, providers and corporate employees are encouraged to follow our social media channels for our most recent updates but can also reach out to their account managers or recruiters for personalized service or specific information. Additionally, we have launched a Coronavirus Crisis webpage with comprehensive information, updates and educational materials that can be accessed anytime by clicking here. [LINK]


Source: Cross Country Allied, LinkedIn

Examples from the industry

Kelly Services

Kelly has put together many resources for their employees, customers and candidates.

Coronavirus outbreak details page

Business continuity plan

Letter to customers

TRS Staffing Solutions

TRS Staffing has put together many resources for their employees, customers and candidates.

LinkedIn Message to Clients and Candidates

COVID-19 Safety and Customer Appointment Website Message


VillageMD has put together many resources for their employees, customers and candidates.

Physician Guidance on Dealing with COVID-19 Patients

Promoting Video Visit or Telemedicine Service

Covering Pandemic Shortages and Medical News

Supplemental Health Care

SHC has put together many resources for their employees, customers and candidates.

COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions

Clinician "Thank You" Post

Inspirational Story of Healthcare Worker

Cross Country Healthcare

CCH has put together many resources for their employees, customers and candidates.

COVID-19 Resource Center for Healthcare Providers

COVID-19 Resource Center for Client Facilities

Post for COVID-19 Clinician Jobs

SCP Health

SCP Health has put together many resources for their employees, customers and candidates.

Coronavirus Management Guide

Blog Article on Hospital Management in Crisis Situations

Message from the CEO

Jackson Physician Search

JPS has put together many resources for their employees, customers and candidates.

Physician Candidate COVID-19 Inspirational Story

Staffing Industry Analysts

SIA has put together many resources for staffing and recruiting firms.

Virtual Executive Forum: COVID-19 Discussion Panel | April 2nd

Coronavirus Resource Center

For up-to-date COVID-19 resources for staffing & recruiting, please visit:

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