Recruiting automation

Automate routines and accelerate your firm's growth

recruiting automation workflow

Message automation

Send a welcome email to new applicants, a text message on a contractor's first day, an interview email reminder, or anything else you can think of. Automate touchpoints throughout the recruiting process.

An average Herefish customer automates 4,233 email and text messages per recruiter, per year. See what your firm could save by visiting our simple ROI calculator.


Process automation

Updating records, adding notes, creating tasks, notifying record owners of key changes... these are all things your firm can put on autopilot. Improve productivity and don't let important tasks slip through the cracks.

Build complex workflows that fit your business needs quickly and easily. Download our Recruiting Automation Workbook to map out your processes.
Automatically update ATS records
Add notes at key events
Notify stakeholders at key stages
Set tasks for important follow-up

Set it and forget it

Set it up once; let it run 24/7 - 365. Keep your business processes running even when you're out for the weekend.

Date based

Optionally trigger automations to run based on record date fields like start date, submission date, placement date, end date or any custom date field.

Built for recruiting

Automate additional actions based on submissions or placements and keep recruiters and account managers in the loop.

Intelligent Job Matching

Using machine learning, we intelligently match candidates with job openings from your ATS for use in any outbound communication or automation.

Automatically match your hot jobs with candidates and shorten the time to hire.

job matching technology
ats owner assignment

Intelligent owner assignment

Automatically assign records to the recruiters and salespeople who they're actually working with.

  • Flexible rules built around your business process
  • Easily assign backup owners based on record activity
  • Optional round-robin assignment for ownerless records

Page tracking

Track website activity from candidates or sales contacts and trigger automated actions. Top candidate views a job, send an email. Hot sales lead downloads a whitepaper, set a task to call. Put your website to work. 

web page tracking

Data cleanup

Declutter your ATS by finding outdated records, people with no contact information or records without activity and speed up searches in your system.

We just replaced 50 data entry clerks and 6 months of work in a 10 minute call

Cory Jensen
CEO @ Anistar Technologies

ats data cleanup
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