Put mundane tasks like email, text, profile updates and more on autopilot

recruiting automation

Automate email, text messaging and business workflows to reduce repetitive tasks and focus on building relationships

Message automation

Create automatic drip email or text message campaigns to candidates or prospects. Set it once and let Herefish do all the work. Stop getting behind on things like staying in touch with top talent, texting on a contractor's first day or sending an email with relevant job openings.

  • Drip Campaigns
    Schedule sequences to automatically drip messages to candidates; perfect for re-engaging with forgotten candidates and prospects
  • Staggered Start
    Our staggered start feature allows large groups of contacts to be split into smaller sending groups to maximize your deliverability
  • Date Based
    Automatically send messages based on any date field in your ATS like start date or end date
  • Trigger Based
    Send messages based on key events in a candidate's lifecycle like status change, page visit or click event
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Smarter 1:1 relationships

Intelligent owner assignment

Since ATS record ownership isn't always reliable, Herefish automatically assigns contacts to who isĀ actually working with them. This leads to faster and more fruitful one-to-one relationships between your firm and candidates or sales contacts.

Division management

Whether you're a global staffing powerhouse with 100+ offices or a medium sized firm with 3, Herefish makes the process of managing divisions, business lines or branches easy and clutter-free. Just setup a single campaign and let Herefish automatically route and generate division specific campaigns.

Workflow automation

Automate actions throughout your workflow and reduce mundane tasks

Set. Forget.

Setup workflow processes once and let it run in the background - maybe you want to add a note when contacts are emailed or update fields based on certain actions - done.

ATS Integration

Two-way integration with your ATS provides insight into candidates and sales contacts plus real-time notes, tasks and profile updates.

Real-time Notifications

Automate daily workflows like real-time notifications when a contact completes a desired action like visiting a job page, clicking a link or apply for a job.

Smart Lists

Create 'always updated' lists of people in your ATS to create a more relevant and experience for your candidates and sales prospects.

candidate nps survey

Automatic NPS and satisfaction surveys

Let Herefish manage you contractor outreach needs by automating new hire feedback, current contractor sentiment and more. Using NPS and satisfaction surveys during an assignment helps take the pulse of your contract talent and avert potential no call/no show problems.

  • New Hires
    Gather quick feedback from recently hired talent
  • Contractor Engagement
    Engage with contractors to measure sentiment and head-off problems as they arise
  • Contractor Redeployment
    Automatically follow-up with contractors based on their start or end dates and reduce losing touch with your contractors.

Other automation features

A/B Testing

Test email messages on candidates and clients and uncover the best performing version using our A/B testing module.

Reporting & Analytics

View individual campaign, automation and email reports in-context. Plus, see a high-level view of your entire database through the Herefish dashboard.

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