Optimizing every role in your firm

Automate, personalize and accelerate growth

Recruiting managers

Put your team's busywork on autopilot

A safety net for your recruiting process

Automation ensures all the steps, from new application to new placement, are enforced so your team of recruiters can focus on building relationships rather than checking boxes.

  • Average 1.2 hours saved per recruiter, per day
  • Personalized, automated engagement with candidates
  • Follow-up with every candidate via email or text

Herefish is different because they understand the unique needs of the recruiting and staffing industry. There are no work arounds needed. This product is made just for us.

Brian Cunningham
Managing Director @ Allen Recruitment


Sales managers

Improve your pre & post-sales process


Optimize your sales funnel

Capture every new sales opportunity and nurture relationships with client contacts...automatically.

  • Respond to every new sales lead
  • Automate throughout your sales process
  • Check-in on placed contractors with hiring managers
  • Add notes and tasks at key funnel steps

I have never been as excited about a product as I am yours. Every time I log in, I get more excited about what this is going to do for us. Everyone there has been a delight to work with and we can’t wait to act as a reference for you.

Len Adams
Founder & CEO @ ACG Resources


Own the candidate experience

Take your firm to the next level

Herefish is helping recruitment marketers fuel growth for their firms by optimizing each step of the recruiting process. Take your firm to the next level by automating conversations from re-engagement to redeployment.

  • Create a consistent brand experience
  • Personalize and automate communications
  • Create highly-targeted audiences
  • View metrics geared for growth

Go and speak to the Herefish guys and get that tool…it's the platform for all our recruitment marketing and automation needs.

Will Sawney
Digital Brand Manager @ The Conexus Group

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