New applicants

Start engaging with new applicants right away and never let them slip through the cracks

Below is a sample new applicant workflow built in Herefish. Up to 80-90% of candidates may never hear anything from a recruitment firm. Change that with Herefish.

new applicant


At best, candidates that apply will receive an auto-responder from your ATS; at worst? well they likely will never hear anything from anyone, ever. With Herefish you can flip your current candidate experience on its head and start engaging with candidates the minute they apply to your open positions.

Why new applicant follow-up is useful

  • Automatic follow-up from the start
  • Notifies candidate at key steps of recruiting process
  • Candidates aren’t left scratching their heads because they never heard from a recruiter
  • Establishes a 1:1 relationship from apply process forward
  • Recruiters are only tasked if they DIDN'T follow-up on their own
  • 100% follow-up for every applicant; no one falls through the cracks

Key triggers & actions

It should be obvious, but the main trigger for this campaign is when candidate applies to an open position. There are some other modifiers you could use too:

  • Candidate applies
  • Candidate applies but hasn't had activity for 3 days
  • Candidate applies but their email address isn't valid

For actions, there are a few that can be used during this workflow:

  • Send email to candidate
  • Notify assigned recruiter
  • Update candidate record to 'Active'
  • Notify assigned recruiter if no activity in 3 days

Another thing worth noting is what happens if a candidate isn't a good fit for a role. Well, unless they're absolutely dreadful, you can automatically add them to an engagement campaign and continually nurture them.

Key metrics

You can expect better engagement scores from candidates that are actively being nurtured vs. those that are not. At minimum, sending an autoresponder and subsequent follow-up messages improves your reputation in the eyes of candidates. Here are things you could measure:

  • Open rate
  • Engagement score
  • Time to fill
  • Submission rate
  • Placement revenue

Final thoughts

Starting a relationship off right is what new applicant follow-up is all about. Rather than falling into an ATS black hole, applicants are nurtured and communicated with, good and bad, so they aren't left wondering. Consider that candidates spend a lot of time building a resume, applying and waiting. Give them a positive experience and improve your employment brand at the same time.

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