New hires

Smooth the transition from candidate to contractor by automating key interactions

Below is a sample new hire workflow built in Herefish. New hires are susceptible to falling off (as high as 15%) once they become a contractor due to to lack of communication or other friction.

new hire workflow


New hires run the risk of encountering a lot of friction and communication gaps. Maybe they need to submit paperwork, maybe they need a reminder on where and whom to report on their first day. Whatever the scenario, it can start off the relationship on the wrong foot. With Herefish, you can automate the communication process pinned off a candidate's start date and text, email or set call tasks to build better relationships from day one.

Why interacting with new hires is useful

  • Reduce manual tasks like emailing and texting on the first day
  • Minimizes human error by automating based on start dates
  • Reduces new hire departure rates and no-call/no-show
  • Provides new hires with a point-of-contact at your firm as well as answers typical first-day questions

Key triggers & actions

Generally, new hire automations trigger based on a start date and actions can happen before, on or after. The biggest benefit is that a set of rules (workflow) can happen for each candidate's specific start date. This mass automation makes it easy to structure communication, while personalizing based on each candidates specific data.

This date-based trigger can set off a number of actions available within Herefish. Typically this includes:

  • Send text 1 day before start date
  • Send text on first day of assignment
  • Send email 2 days after start date
  • Send survey 1 week after start date

The possibilities are nearly endless which makes it easy to fit into your organization's specific process.

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